A rental evaluation solution which makes keeping track of property easier and technologically empowered. The mobile application allows for faster inspections with customized digital documentation and photos regarding conditions sent directly from an iOS application to the property manager.

What is RentEval?

RentEval is designed to ease the process of completing property inspections by providing a straight forward digital interface with customizeable templates. Data and pictures are organized and stored on the cloud for easy reference.

How Does It Works

How It Works?

Property Management companies large and small use a mobile device to document pictures and notes about the condition of their properties. After an inspection is complete, all data is converted to a standard PDF. The file can be sent by email and all inspection data, including JPG files of the pictures will be saved to the cloud. RentEval turns the cumbersome inspection processes into a faster and seamless workflow that saves time and money.

Customized Document Management

RentEval enables property management companies to create custom inspection templates online and within the app. Property management companies have the capability to inspect all types of property such as apartments, houses, restaurants, hotels and more.

Document Management